Friday, November 26, 2010

A Sound Feast in Xiamen, Lin YeYan Solo Concert

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Last Saturday , 20th of November , 2010 ,  a night for the ears .

In Hongtai Concert Hall of Xiamen , there was lasting for two hours of  a feast of sound from a singer from Music Performance Specialty of  Xiamen University,  Ms. Lin YeYan .

The First part of the concert was her solo with Piano accompaniment,  her strong charactor of chinese style folk songs marking  the beautiful soprano voice .   Frankly speaking , it was a shock !

The sencond part was accompanied by the whole Ochestra fo Xiamen Song and Dance Ensemble and choru ,a more challenging and exciting music wave grasped your heart.  Ms. Lin 's teacher , Mr ZhouQiang , professor of  Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing , offered his utterly unbeatable voice to make a highlight of the night.

The whole concert was unforgettable , everyone is expecting another chance to watch and hear a concert like this in Xiamen , really classic.

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