Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cigar Guy Still Makes My Life Fun ,Nothing Related to Golf Though

When it happened few weeks ago , filling my screen with laughters , Cigar Guy never never disappears from my eyes.     I collected my favourite pictures online for Cigar Guy , just to remember him how much he brought to us all , though nothing about Golf .

It all started with an extraordinary photograph, some say one of the best sports pictures ever taken. Captured by The Mail on Sunday's Mark Pain, it showed Tiger Woods fluffing a chip at the Ryder Cup – his ball heading straight towards the camera lens. If that wasn't remarkable enough, there was another arresting element to the image.

Standing behind Woods was a wide-eyed spectator smoking a fat cigar and wearing a Groucho Marx moustache and ginger wig. Nicknamed 'Cigar Guy' he became an overnight internet phenomenon after the picture appeared in The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline last week.

Suddenly millions were obsessed with the moustachioed mystery man. His smiling face was pasted into the backdrop of countless historic photographs which then buzzed around the net. He acquired his own fan club and received marriage proposals.A reward was offered to anyone who could unmask him.

Cigar Guy in Inception

Cigar Guy in Normandy

Cigar Guy at the end of World War Two, the New York Times Square

Cigar Guy Leads the freedom

When Cigar Guy Standing at the Statue of Liberty

When Cigar Guy helped Lincoln in the Civil War

The king , Cigar Guy Ali

Cigar Guy Never missed the chance with the President

When Ciagr Guy captured the most important time of the World War Two

Cigar Guy Rocks beatles

OK, the last Glimpse at our Cigar Guy

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