Monday, September 13, 2010

The Charming Dance of Penang in Xiamen Trade Fair (CIFIT) - Travel Forum

Magic Haijing, Xiamen Hotels First Blog Present:

2010's Xiamen Trade Fair has more to tell you , the Travel Forum was mixed with culture .

After I finished the Yoga Show , I was attracted by the main Stage , the Fujian Local Dance was just about to be over.    It is a dance that shows the tea celebration , the Hui'an ladies are very unique for their clothing, Just a pity I come up with the end.

And then A group of Malaysian Dancers jumped up to hook the eyes of all the audience .

More and more smoke and bubble ejected on stage , the dance bacame sort of  fascinating ;

The image gives me a feeling of ancient time back , a royal celebration or ceremony .

What I was pleased at the end was the kid ,  gazing for long time at the dancers

Don't go away , more interesting images in the Xiamen Trade Fair 2010(  CIFIT ) , SEE YOU in the next Post !
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