Wednesday, September 9, 2009

UK PM Gordon Brown Sent Congratulatory Letter to the Xiamen Trade Fair CIFIT

The more the Xiamen CIFIT Trade Fair goes , the hotter it beccomes.

Xiamen CIFIT Trade Fair draws more and more attention from all over the world , I will collect more useful information here to catch such a highlight. Here is one of the news that shows Xiamen's importance growing.

Sources from News Center of the 13th CIFIT Organizing Committee, right before the opening of the 13th CIFIT, another congratulatory letter came from UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, expressing his wish for the success of the 13th CIFIT and further cooperation between UK and China.

Mr. Brown stated that the CIFIT had fully demonstrated China’s leading role in international investment and trade. In view of the significance of international trade for the economic revival and the development of bilateral relation between UK and China, the British Government is looking forward to expand its trade with China. The two nations will strengthen their cooperation in financial service, high-tech products, architectural design and carbon emission reduction technology, etc.

Mr. Brown mentioned about the policies made in May with the aim of promoting the development of the economic zone centering on Fujian Province. He believed that these polices with grand developing goal would certainly create great opportunities for the British enterprises.

In the congratulatory letter, Mr. Brown also reviewed the UK-China relationship since his visit to Beijing Olympics last year. He pointed out that China had been playing a remarkable role in the global economic revival and reform. Serial Activities carried out between UK and China had proved rewarding and effective in promoting the relationship between the two nations. He said that UK was to double its export to China by the year 2010.

The former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has led a delegation of British dignitaries to attend the 13th CIFIT and held the “Britain Energy Forum” on September 8.

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