Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Todays hightlight : Xiamen and CIFIT: A superhighway of opportunity

To follow the hottest topic , 13th CIFIT ,Xiamen Trade Fair ,is officially opened today ,9:08am 8th Sep,2009. The former Primier Minister Wu Yi was there , as last year .

And Harley Seyedin , the President of American Chamber of South China also expressed his new vision on Xiamen and CIFIT.


As China’s economy continues to enjoy stability and growth in a global economic climate that is not particularly stable or conducive to growth, the State Council’s recently released “Several opinions on supporting the development of the West Taiwan Straits Economic Zone” are, in my view, an invitation to investors not only from Taiwan but also from around the world to come in from the economic cold and enjoy the relative warmth of the mainland economy.

Of course, this is not only attractive for companies just entering China, but also for those already operating on the mainland: the American Chamber of Commerce in South China recently led a delegation of 74 companies to Fujian, only 50 days after the State Council’s announcement, to investigate the zone’s opportunities.

This delegation, which I led and which was joined by US Consul General Robert Goldberg, was among the first (if not the very first) to travel to Fujian to learn about the zone, and after only three days we signed deals worth 3.8 billion yuan — including an agreement to invest a substantial amount in green energy projects between my own company and the Fujian CCPIT.

Not only does the West Straits Zone offer new opportunities in high-tech, high-value and environmentally sustainable industries, but it also represents a vital linkage between the Pearl River and Yangtze River deltas — two of the main engines of China’s phenomenal growth over the past 30 years.

This will, I believe, lead to both further development of Fujian as well as closer integration of the entire eastern coast of China. I envision a future axis of metropolitan prosperity extending from Guangzhou, through Fuzhou and Xiamen, to Shanghai and beyond.

Xiamen and CIFIT will continue to play a vital role, one that will be bolstered and emboldened by the West Straits Zone.

Whereas in the past business-people attending CIFIT were able to meet top-level officials from nearly every province, region and municipality as well as potential partners for international trade and investment projects through-out China worth billions of yuan, in 2009 there will be an added at-traction; beginning this year, Xia-men is home not only to CIFIT but also to one of the newest and most exciting developments in China’s economic strategy.

I expect our delegation to CIFIT, which has grown annually to reach more than 150 individuals last year, will continue to grow for a long time indeed.
Last year I wrote that Xia-men was a bridge connecting the world to China. This year, I must revise that statement, although it remains true; this year, I must suggest that Xiamen and CIFIT are now a bridge connecting the world to China and a superhighway of opportunity.

The author is the elected President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, Vice Chairman for China Affairs of the Asia Paci?c Council of American Chambers of Commerce and President for Sithe Global Pacific, a Blackstone Company.

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