Thursday, April 9, 2009

SMX Big shock on me ! The China Search Marketing Expo Xiamen

I was late when I arrived ... have to stand up ...

But the atmosphere was hot , the lady at the podium was speaking in an unusual passionate voice : are you twittering ?

What a question ? And more challenging questions following ...

That was incredible , it was not a lecture , totally a revolutionary non-music gig!

After a while , I got her name Gillian Muessig , President of SEOmoz, Inc , one of the leading person in web searchig marketing Industry. She was raising up a strong gust of search engine marketing in Xiamen .

Another one who made a difference was T.R.Harrington, Co-Founder and CEO People called him T.R , and he expressed his idea in Chinese 90% of his speech , just unbelievable .

All the speeches were short and informative , everyone seemed to be encouraged and driven into deep thinking.

Inway , the Chairman of this event is the busiest and happiest . Is his dream of SEO / SEM in China closer and closer to success?

Make a wish!

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