Monday, March 2, 2009

Xiamen named the 4th most laid back City in China

China Media named the top six most hectic and top six most leisure cities in China. The selection criteria include hours of TV watching, number of fast food outlets, walking pace of pedestrians and shoppers, job-hopping frequency etc.

And the most laidback cities listed as:

1.Lijiang - the most romantic , Beautiful and laidback in China
2.Lhasa - Belief , simplicity
3.Chengdu - easy attitude to life
4.Xiamen - though not to compare the above three individually, Xiamen has all of them and friendly citizen
5.Harbin - I don't know why
6.Beijing - I know old Beijing , old Beijing people had great culture , maybe it is still lasting

the most hectic cities listed :
1.Hongkong - no one will question that
2.Suzhou - quite shocking , but maybe true , as it is growing very fast
3.Shenzhen - used to be the fastest city in China
4.Taipei - no idea , maybe
5.Guangzhou - true?
6.Shanghai - it is quite convincing

Xiamen is ranked 4th in the top six most laid back cities’ list.

The most hectic cities in China are Hong Kong, followed by Suzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The most laid back cities in China are Lijiang in Yunnan Province, followed by Lhasa, Chengdu, Xiamen, Harbin and Beijing.

Here is the review of the survey:

Xiamen review: Leisure pace of life keeps Xiamen in becoming one of the most laid back cities in China. Xiamen has great outdoor weather and beautiful terrain, and openness.

TV watching hours: Long; Xiamen locals especially the young generation are not willing to work outside the city and commute far, watching TV is part of their leisure life.

Fast food outlets: Not too many if sidewalk snacks are excluded.

Walking pace: Slow. Xiamen has the most suitable environment for wandering or taking a walk.

Alcohol consumption: Alcohol Culture in Xiamen is healthy, the locals regard alcohol as medicine rather than substance of intoxication, as old saying goes: alcohol equals to ginseng. Consumption is rational.

Work Timetable: Keep to the work routine, generally punctured.

Job-hopping frequency: Low; workers are more traditional and loyalty still exists

Physical exercise: Good; People have a lot of spare times.

Mobile Phone's contents: For work and social chating.

Marriage status: Old Chinese tradition; Just as Chinese old saying goes: A young man should get married on coming of age, and so should a young girl.


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