Tuesday, February 24, 2009

historical magic of xiamen

From 282 A.D. , Xiamen has its form of birth.

To trace the magic of Xiamen , you can never neglect its historical magic. In the book Amoy Magic writen by Dr. Bill Brown , lots of details were put inside . today I am just fascinated by the simple contrast of the photos differed by decades or even hundren year.

The above are some pictures for some decades ago , you can easily tell the wonderful change .

And by Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen , is the famous Zhongshan road , let us see how it is looked like in 1920-1930 . It is remarkably properous place in Xiamen even in China . Though it is minor in size , glamorous in nature.

Though the shape of building is not changed much , following Qi lou style , modernization can be easily found in the late photo,.

1920-30 the elevators were used here in this building , it is a place for pleasure , entertainment.

Siming road is across Zhongshan road , with Qi lou and people of joy.

Datong Road supposed to be more prosperous than Zhongshan Road at a time , you can still find it now , very insteresting. Even in a latest hot Chinese movie , Crazy racer , this area is chosen for the spot.

Siming Cinema , still standing proudly there , attracts lots of people for film watching .

More to see in Xiamen , its magic could never not been told in one day ...

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