Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Global Fun Carnival opens up in Xiamen

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Though Global Fun Carnival  had already boarded Xiamen in July ,2010, some facilites were not established  then,  you could read some bad comments on it through the website.

But  on 27th August, a promotion fair for the "Global Fun Carnival – Xiamen Stop" was held at the main venue of the Global Fun Carnival Xiamen Stop.
Hundreds of travel agency leaders and tourist guide representatives from Xiamen and the surrounding cities were participating in the fair.

Mr. Yang Fanggen, the deputy director of Xiamen Tourism Bureau said at the fair that the Global Fun Carnival was a big event in Xiamen, which combines the characteristics of Xiamen's tourism culture, and it would bring a euro-style experience to the local residents. 

After the introduction and consultation by the Global Fun Carnival's professional staff, the participants experienced the Global Fun Carnival, and some of them signed cooperation with the Global Fun Carnival on the spot.
The Global Fun Carnival is one of the world's top 3 recreation brands. It opened early this July in Xiamen, and will stay in Xiamen for 3 months until 10th October.

The Global Fun Carnival in Xiamen is located in Huanwan Road, Huli District, opposite the Wuyuan Bay Shopping Mall. You can take public buses and get off at Mucuo Bus Stop (穆厝), it's about 5 minutes to get to the Global Fun Carnival from the Mucuo Bus Stop. The bus line of BRT1, BRT2, 13, L16 and 82 can take you to the bus stop.

Global Fun Carnival

Opening hours: 09:00-23:00 (weekends), 14:00-23:00 (weekdays)
Ticket hotline: 40088-56356
1. Admin fee : 30rmb(include 4 coins)
2.All-in-1 ticket : 160rmb( no limit use of all the 12 recreation facilities)
3. Circus  ticket: 90rmb
4.Circus VIP: 388RMB
5. All-in-1 + circus ticket  190rmb ( no limit use of all the 12
recreation facilities)
6. Kid's Special :  90rmb (5 kid's recreationfacilites+ circus )

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