Friday, August 13, 2010

In London, the World's New 'Most Expensive' Home?

Never instrested in such things but it really looks big , Wall Street Journal gives out  the most expensive house in the world , so we watch , Magic Haijing, Xiamen Hotels First Blog Present:

It looks like Candy Spelling has been one-upped. A six-bedroom penthouse at London's tony One Hyde Park commanded £140 million, or about $220 million, Luxist reports. And this deal comes before the four-building project is even complete: It is due to be finished by the end of the year.

According to Luxist, that makes it world's priciest piece of residential real estate-when measuring current listings and sales-pushing Ms. Spelling's $150 million asking price for her bigger-than-big Los Angeles mansion down a slot. The deal also makes the U.S. look, well, like a bargain: In what is believed to be the biggest residential sale, a Texas executive paid $46.5 million for a 3,500-acre Colorado ranch earlier this year.

The London address might not have a gift-wrapping room, but it has bullet-proof windows, a panic room and to-die-for views. According to the Telegraph, it also has access to around-the-clock room service from the neighboring Mandarin Oriental hotel. (We doubt you'll find that on any ranch.)

The London buyer's identity remains a mystery, but rumors are focused the Middle East and Nigeria, which are benefiting from increased oil prices.

The project was developed by London's 'Candy Brothers,' Nicholas and Christian Candy, whose property development business, CPC Group Ltd., has helped change London's landscape with towers of glass and modern blocks. Another apartment at One Hyde Park sold for about $148 million in 2008.

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