Monday, May 31, 2010

Xiamen Dragon Boat Festival a Live Shot

Xiamen Hotels First Blog, Magic Haijng presents Xiamen Dragon Boat Festival 

Give you a show on Xiamen Dragon Boat Festival,  29th and  30th May , 2010, my own shot on 29th May.   Now no one missed that , see it live  for yourself here .  It is rather a cultural and human touch of Xiamen than a simple Boat race.

Let's  start!

the panaroma view

Flag  in the air

The Dragon Head

Who is shooting in Dragon Boat Race

The structure of Jimei
Alomst Flying
The cool Crew of Dragon Boat Race

Rowing Together in accord

Wathing Jimei
Old Lady In Xiamen Dragon Boat Race

Ths spot of Xiamen Jimei Dragon Boat Race

Face to Face ---  Dragon

Tha eyes of the Beholder Boat Race

the Eyes of the Beholder 2
The eyes of the old lady - race watcher

The Final Fight -- Xiamen Jimei Dragon Boat Race

All I can say ,  full of Glamor , the Boat , The crew , the peole.

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Marilou said...

Nice shots! Is this the final race for the Dragon Boat Festival? Will there still be races on the day of the Festival itself (June 14 to 16)? Thank you.

Jaz said...

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