Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Vegetarian's Feast - 4th China Xiamen Buddha Fair

Probably the Biggest one in the world ,China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair (Xiamen Buddha Fair) , which was held 12th-15th ,Nov, 2009, has become the vane for Buddha industry .For me it is full of art , culture , and delicious food !

The biggest sign is the 1st International Vegetarian Forum, with subject of \u201cfeeling the vegetarian world, sharing a healthy life\u201d.

It is a feast of Vegetarians', Vegetarian culture is influencing on the people\u2019s life gradually. Vegetarianism has become a bran-new life style for environmental protection. It\u2019s estimated that vegetarian food will become the dietetic trend all the 21 century.The mission of this forum is \u201chealth, environmental protection and development\u201d.

Now Xiamen has at least 20 pure Vegetarian Restaurants , not include those restaurants serve special vegetarian dishes ,also in high quality (in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen , the Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant has a series of dishes that really deserve trying).

Vegetarian food is often associated with religious beliefs; most of Buddhists are vegans. Nowadays, vegetarianism has been given new meanings: fashion, Environmental Protection and healthy. Vegetarian food and health complement each other, enjoying the Vegetarian life becomes the fashionable healthy concept that the people pursuit. Meanwhile, as life becoming better, the environment is being worse because of people\u2019s destroy. The carbon footprints cover the whole world, some of which is caused by non-vegan. All of these remind people to paying attention to healthy eating, reducing the slaughter, maintaining the ecological balance. Statistics show that 10% of the U.S. population and nearly 4,000,000 British are vegans; In Taiwan, about 2 million people join vegetarianism, and also there are more than 4,000 vegetarian restaurants. Facing with Taiwan, Xiamen is most influenced also by vegetarian culture at an unprecedented rate. With the opening of cross-strait policy and the frequent economic and cultural exchanges, Taiwan's well-known vegetarian industry will increase the development of mainland\u2019s industry.





One more thing I need to mention is Tzu Chi Foundation from Taiwan , they have been endeavoured to be one of the most famous Charity organization in the world since 1966 , to my

surprise they recently joined in almost every disaster rescue action all over the world. Besides they made lots of effert in culture, religious , eco spreading to improve the status of the human being.

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