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The Magic Loaction of MIllennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

one of the best article for Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen is what I will present you here , it is from whatsonxiamen.com special edition . Beautiful words, I put my photos into the lines for more lights.

The true magic of the Millennium came into being long before the Harbourview entered into the management of Millennium & Copthorne. Erected in 1992 by Singapore’s top designers, the hotel’s legendary design is told to have been inspired by the appearance of a lion. The setting of the hotel places you in the heart of old Xiamen. The hotel’s culture has the true feelings of an international brand, derived from staff whom are conversant in a total of over 15 languages and intermixed with 5 Western staff. You also have the delightful selection of cuisine variety for your dining experience at the Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant, International buffet lounge, and Cantonese restaurant. When it comes to winding down, however, don’t miss out on the Hollywood Bar, a premium malt whiskey bar that brings you into the life of a L.A. movie star.

The side entrance to the hotel opens to Xiamen  famous street, Zhongshanglu Shopping Street
Walking out and around the hotel, you will be pleased to discover in the surroundings surviving architectural relics providing glimpses into Xiamen’s history. Continuing on downtown will take you to Zhongshan Road Shopping Street. The Shopping Street is the original downtown road of Xiamen Island, now become a pedestrian street, and is still festive with throngs of fashionably dressed young shoppers who quite literally know how to shop until they drop.

Within view of the Millennium is famous Gulangyu Island, A.K.A. Piano Island. Take a 10 minute stroll over to the Gulangyu Island Ferry and hop on board for a 5 minute cruise across the waters. Aboard the ferry enjoy the feeling of cool misty spray off the ocean waters and take in the fresh sea air. In no time at all you are arrived on the island met by beautiful gardens, museums, little souvenir shops, pearl stores, and seafood restaurants. At the fore of the island you must enjoy the climb up Sunlight Rock and catch the breathtaking view from the island’s renowned peak. Then explore on into the center of Gulangyu and behold the beautifully preserved colonial buildings such as the Gulangyu Catholic Cathedral and also the former British and American Consulates.

Another short walk down Siming Road brings you back to Zhong Shan Road and here on the right hand side you will find the First Church of China. Established in 1848AD, Xinjie Church is China’s first Protestant church, erected shortly after the start of the first missions to Xiamen. A visit to this church on any week day will allow you to enjoy the peace found in the sanctuary of this beautiful church. However, go by to sit in on a Sunday morning service and you will be amazed by its total transformation into a church overflowing with thousands of devout attendees.

Walking out and around the hotel, you will be pleased to discover in the surroundings surviving architectural relics providing glimpses into Xiamen’s history

Hop on a taxi for a brief ride over to Xiamen University and its neighbor Nanputuo Temple. Saunter around the university’s sprawling campus and take in the stunning beauty where over 17,000 undergrads come to further their knowledge of the world. Although much of this campus has been freshly landscaped together with buildings restored and new modern architecture erected, a few areas of campus still retain the cozy old red-brick dorms and apartments that remind us of the University’s past culture.

Next door to the University you will find Nanputuo Temple where nearly 120 monks make their abode. Nanputuo established originally out of a monk’s humble cave dwelling in 686AD and has evolved since into the capacious Buddhist center that you see today. Inside you may venture to their restaurant and try their famous vegetarian cuisine, a personal favorite of President Deng Xiaoping’s.

  The hotel's legendary design is told to have been inspired by the appearance of a lion

All days come to a close and by the end of your day you might be looking for Xiamen’s nightlife. Talk with the Millennium’s Concierge and they’ll have you whisked off by taxi to Haiwain Park, the focus of Xiamen’s nightly entertainment. On the other side of the board walk, across from Xiamen’s harbour, you may enjoy a walk around an elegantly terraced park, with brightly colored high reaching water fountains, a green earthen pyramid observation point, and scattered park benches. Then skirting around this park, along the harbour boardwalk, is where you go to enjoy Xiamen’s top Western bars were the party never ends...at least not until day break that is.

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