Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Xiamen , worth the time

Just grasp a composition from a magazine about Xiamen , the magazine is called grand hotels.It happens that the author stayed in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen while writing this .

Have a quick share:

Xiamen , worth the time.

October is a golden month for family travel and vacations, and your writer strongly recommend Xiamen, a popular tourist destination without visiting which you can’t leave China’s Fujian province, they say. As one of the representative cities of Minnan (Southern Fujian) culture, Xiamen presents spectacular scenery. Every time I visited Xiamen, the weather was fine. Under the clear sky and bathed in sunlight, the distant mountains produced an ink-and-water effect. Sunlight Rock and western-style houses hidden in the lush greenery on Gulangyu Islet, a tiny island off the coast of Xiamen, were faintly visible. Golden beaches on one side of the Island Ring Road, roadside greenbelts and the blue sea formed a vivid, colorful picture.

Xiamen’s cityscape has undergone drastic changes compared with a dozen years ago, featuring carefully preserved traditional Minnan-style verandah buildings as well as contemporary high-rises and luxuriant gardens. Millennium Harborview Hotel Xiamen where your writer stayed is adjacent to shop-lined Zhongshan Road pedestrian, the history of which can date back to the 1930s when it was a busy commercial street. The numerous restaurants, snack bars and vendors selling dried foodstuffs make your life easy and convenient.

Xiamen is a city of leisure. Unlike Chengdu where you seem can find teahouses everywhere, Xiamen adds a heavy dose of Minnan culture to its leisure activities. The warm weather has also contributed to the vibrant scenes in which you will always feel fresh and energetic. To immerse yourself in the leisure activities, you can sample the “noon tea” at Lu Dao Hotel which overlooks Gulangyu Islet in the distance, and visit Harbor Hotel for an extravagant dinner, feasting your eyes on the glorious sunset, starry night sky and twinkling lights, and letting the sea breeze gently caress your face. No wonder the city had appealed to so many great names in history who lingered on and on.

Xiamen has a strong humanistic touch. The home to overseas Chinese reflects the combination of Minnan culture and the tropical flavor of Southeast Asia. The city is marked with Minnan culture, from the local vernacular to Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, from Kingmen gongtang (hard candy) to Taiwan fenglisu (pineapple cake). Lu Xun, Yu Dafu and Lin Yutang had left their footmarks in Xiamen, which takes pride in Tan Kah Kee (“a flag of overseas Chinese and glory of China” by Chairman Mao) and Madame Dr. Lin Qiaozhi, modern China’s pioneer gynaecologist.

Xiamen is definitely worth the time.


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Auckland property manager said...

Is the city really so beautiful and worthy of a trip?If so,I would like to see it some day.

Magic Millennium 魅力海景 said...

the place is somewhere you may sit down and lay back , and forget about the time. No worry about the pressure behind you , a place to escape and relax . And it is away from the big cities , feeling the extended tradition of Eastern meets western culture mixing.