Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Xiamen to temporarily restrict water supply from Sept.18th-22nd

In Xiamen ,The hottest topic from everyone , whoever you are , local citizens , Lao Wai (foreigner), demestic travellers ... is the water supply control in Xiamen from 11:00pm 18Sep till 11:00pm 22Sep.

Nobody knows if there is any water or just normal , people rushing to the super market to buy tanks , mineral water to wish to suvive in few days. Though I feel there is nothing to be worried , my friends , other Xiamen hotels peers ,obviously are not in a happy mood. Here we see some news from whatsonxiamen:

Xiamen to temporarily restrict water supply from Sept.18th-22nd

Xiamen will restrict its urban water supply in Siming District and Huli District, from 23:00pm, Sept. 18th to 23:00pm Sept. 22nd, as a result of the moving and reconnecting of some main water supply pipelines in the city, according to a circular issued by Xiamen Municipal government on Wednesday.

In order to ensure the smooth opening of Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway by the end of November, some water supply pipelines need to be moved and reconnected, the circular says.

During the construction, some main water supply pipelines will be cut off for reconnection, which will lead to a large decline of water pressure. Xiamen will restrict water supply and it will cost 96 hours to restore it.

Emergency measures will be taken to ensure the city’s normal operation.

Water Group (the water control department) will give priority to domestic water, hospital, school and some important government agencies, and cut off water supply to factories, infrastructure projects and special industry (vehicle cleaning, sauna and swimming pool).

During this period, water wagon trucks, fire trucks and fire hydrants will be used as temporary water supply points in the city. Ten secondary water supply equipments will work from 18:00pm to 21:00pm during Sept. 18th to 22nd.

Residents of Xiamen Island preparing for the 96-hr water supply disruption

After the Xiamen Government announced a four-day water supply disruption which will start from 23:00pm, Sept. 18th to 23:00pm Sept. 22nd, many citizens have poured into the supermarkets to snap up bottled water to tide over the hard times.

4-liter bottled water is the most popular product in the supermarkets during these days. “We just put 100 bottles of water on shelves yesterday and they sold out in a morning.” a salesperson at Trust-Mart said. Besides the bottled water, large water containers are also in great demand.

Water supply disruption also brings a good market to disposable goods, such as disposable dishware, underwear and gloves. Those goods are especially popular with young people.

Some travel goods, such as a travel toothbrush, instant foods, frozen foods and fruits also are on many people's purchasing lists.

Because the areas outside Xiamen Island won’t be influenced by the water supply disruption, many people are prefering to stay in hotels in these areas during 18th to 22th. Some hot spring hotels have even been booked up.

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