Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why the water supply disruption will last for 4 days - Xiamen Water Corp.- hot topic continous

Xiamen  will experience a 96-hour water supply disruption from 11:00pm, Sept. 18th to 11:00pm Sept. 22nd due to a water main relocation. However, many citizens still wonder that why the water supply disruption will last for 4 days.

Relocation work of the 40-kilometer-long water main will take 96 hours

According to Cai Siwei, vice president of the Xiamen Water Group, the first step of the whole project is to drain away water in the 40-kilometer-long water main, which will take 16 hours. After that, the welding and cutting works will last 10 hours.

The pipeline also needs rust protection after that, and it must go through many test routines including ultrasonic testing, X-ray examination and pipeline pressure testing. It will take 48 hours from cutting off the water to connecting the pipeline.

After the pipeline is connected, the water will need 24 hours to flow to the water plant. Because there is air in the pipeline, it may be broken when water pour into. And it also takes 24 hours to purify the water.

The Water Group has invited first-class pipe construction teams from Shanghai and Tianjin to participate in the project, and the work will operate 24 hours a day with 115 welders.

The 96-hour water supply disruption is due to the construction of the Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway.


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