Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perfect closure:Water supply restored 1.5 days ahead of schedule on Xiamen Island

The water supply disruption on Xiamen Island, which was expected to last 4 days, has returned to normal by 10pm 21Sep,2009, one and a half days ahead of schedule, Mr. Pei Jinjia, deputy mayor of Xiamen said in a preliminary summary report on Monday.

The temporary headquarters for the water supply disruption relief has expressed their thanks for the understanding and support of the public, on behalf of the Xiamen municipal government.

Through intense work by more than 300 skilled workers on the water main, which started on the night of Sept. 18th, the first wave of raw water arrived at the Gaodian Water Works thought the water main at about 9:00pm on Sunday.

After 8 hours of purifying, quality tap water began to enter the municipal pipe network. Therefore, starting from yesterday morning, the water supply has been gradually returning to normal.

The tap water supply reached 415,000 tons on Sunday, compared to the normal tap water supply of 510,000 tons. The water pressure in most areas of the island was normal. The water supply situation in hospitals, military units, schools were stable.


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