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The latest development in the 13th CIFIT,Xiamen Trade Fair, preparation

Tomorrow is the last count down for 13th CIFIT Trade Fair Xiamen , What is the latest news for it? All the business people including Xiamen Hotels Industry will interest. Recently Xiamen Government released the latest offcial news for CIFIT 2009 update.( from Xiamen Government official site:

The latest development in the 13th CIFIT

The speech given by Huang heming, deputy director of the Operations Department of CIFIT Organizing Committee, deputy director-general of the General Office of the Xiamen Municipal Office, and the director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center.
All the friends from the press:
First, on behalf of the CIFIT organizing committee, I’d like to express our sincere thanks to your support and publicity activities to the CIFIT promotion.
In a few days, the 13th CIFIT would open officially. With the great effort and cooperation of the sponsor, co-sponsors and member units, the CIFIT preparatory work has been finished and now, I would like to introduce the new features, the grand activity arrangement and the latest development in preparation of the CIFIT.

I. The new features of this CIFIT and its latest development in preparation
This year’s CIFIT coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the New China, and it is also a critical year for the whole world to cope with the international financial crisis. At the same time, the peaceful relationship between the two sides of Taiwan straits is also in good shape, and Haixi development is elevated to a national strategic level. Faced with these new opportunities and challenges, the organizing committee strengthens our preparatory work to update the actual effect of this year’s CIFIT.

There are five upgrades on this CIFIT:
(I) The CIFIT, as a brand, is increasingly known to the world and it attracts more and more exhibitors and participants.
Faced with the negative factors caused by the world financial crisis, the organizing committee devotes more efforts in inviting exhibitors and has achieved good effects. The exhibitors both from home and abroad show great enthusiasm and the participants are of a high level, which also shows that the CIFIT, a platform for international investment and an international brand, is a real attraction.
This year’s CIFIT attracts great attention from institutions, economic organizations, chambers of commerce and enterprises both from home and broad. Up to now, 504 participants from 83 countries and regions have registered to participate. They include United Nations Industrial Development Organization—UNIDO, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development—UNCTAD, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies—WAIPA, various states from USA, Ministry of economy from Holland, European Commission of Investment, The economic and trade mission of Department 57 of France, Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, INC, Germany Trade and Invest, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Argentina Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chinese Business Chamber o f Canada, Japan China Investment Promotion Organization, Thai Young Chinese Chamber Of Commerce, and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Those who have registered to come to the fair include over 300 high-rank government officials, leaders of international organizations and of chambers of commerce, and presidents or vice presidents of transnational companies. It is estimated that there will be over 550 delegations of overseas participants. Within China, high-rank leaders and officials who will participate are from 38 national departments and ministries and 40 domestic member units including National People’s congress, National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Ministry of Commerce, National Develop and Reform Commission and so on. It is estimated that about 100 leaders at the ministerial level will attend the fair.

(II) With more professional exhibitions, the scale of the CIFIT this year is largest.

The scale of this year’s CIFIT is larger than any of its previous 12 years. The exhibition floor covers an area of 60,000 square meters with 2800 exhibition booths, an increase of 8000 square meters. There are also some new exhibition areas such as Real Estate Investment and Transaction Area, Cultural and Creative Industry Area, Agriculture Investment Exhibition Area and Taiwan Investment Exhibition Area. The exhibition areas of development zones and commodities from Taiwan are expanded and the exhibition of some key fields are strengthened, such as real estate investment, cultural creation, tourism, energy saving and environment protection and agriculture. At the same time, some professional activities are organized, such as “The first China International Real Estate Investment Fair”, the exhibition hall of “China International Cultural and Creative Industries”, “the Fifth Straits Tourism exposition” and “Panxin Arts Festival”. The CIFIT also sets an exhibition area for Xiamen exhibition to publicize Xiamen exhibition industry.

From the result of exhibitor invitation, we see that in order to cope with the international financial crisis, the countries all over the world highlight transnational investment and cooperation. The CIFIT attracts great attention from various foreign institutions, international economic organizations, chambers of commerce, and enterprises. They show great enthusiasm to participate. There are 58 overseas governmental delegations, with the total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters. Many countries and regions have exhibition areas larger than any other year’s, with 128 exhibition booths from Taiwan, 80 from Brazil, 56 from South Africa, 50 from Hong Kong, 33 from Thailand, 22 from France, 22 from Italy and 20 from Holland.

(III) Social groups and organizations show great enthusiasm for the participation. The forums and symposiums are featured as concrete and high-level.
The CIFIT is an authoritative global platform to publicize investment policies, discuss theoretical issues and release latest information. The “International Investment Forum” held every year and dozens of symposiums on hot investment issues have become a focus of the world. It has been confirmed that 67 forums and symposiums of various kinds will be held during the CIFIT. The theme of this year’s International Investment Forum held by the Ministry of Commerce is “promote transnational investment, boost economic recovery”. By then, officials from the State Council, the CPPCC, the Ministry of Commerce as well as the Vice Prime Minister from Mauritius, Trade Commissioner of the European Commission, Dutch minister of Economic Affairs, Vice Chairman of the Council for the Development of Cambodia will come to the forum and give speeches. What’s more, the Ministry of Commerce will hold 24 symposiums on the hot issues of international investment: “come in” and “go out”. The theme includes service outsourcing, urban and rural coordination, governmental purchase, trade facilitation, green industry, financing lease and risk management. Over 40 countries and regions will hold investment promotion conferences, such as USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Iran, Cuba, Mexico, South Africa, and so on. Dozens of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China will also hold investment environment seminars or investment project promotion conferences.

It is worth mentioning that increasingly the CIFIT plays a much more important role in releasing information and institutions both from home and abroad take this opportunity to hold relevant activities. During this CIFIT, some professional forums will be held by institutions both from home and abroad, such as U.S. Etech Securities Group, ASF Group, European Commission of Investment, the British journal agency The Banker, the Magazine the First Finance, China Foundation for the Development of Folklore Culture, Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, and Chinese County Economic Development Center. At present, all the organizing work involved in the forums and symposiums has been finished and the reception and supporting work has been carried out.

(IV) This CIFIT highlights investment in specific fields and regional integration, attracting great attention from investors both from home and abroad.
The CIFIT matchmaking symposiums will further highlight investment in specific fields and regional integration, which last for five days (sep. 7—11). Apart from some regular matchmaking symposiums such as comprehensive ones, the ones for listed companies, service outsourcing, investment funds, high level ones between governments and enterprises, Taiwan-Funded enterprises, patent technology, and modern agriculture, this CIFIT will also hold some new matchmaking symposiums, such as the ones for enterprises’ financing road show projects, for energy-saving and overseas scholars investment projects, for the real estate projects, for cultural and creative industry projects and for enterprises’ mergence, with altogether 14 matchmaking symposiums. The matchmaking symposium of brand franchising will be extended from one day to two days. Meanwhile, the organizing committee has made more efforts to promote “going out”, inviting and organizing competitive Chinese enterprises to participate and encouraging overseas institutions with investment projects to attend the fair.

This year, the member units of the CIFIT have filed over 11,000 investment projects, with the total investment projects in record exceeding 50,000, among which, over 4,000 projects are from foreign land. At present, there are about 1,000 investors who have registered to attend the CIFIT and the organizing committee is working on project matchmaking.

(V) This year’s CIFIT also has taken some innovative measures to provide service and support, which ensures the fair a big success.

As the host and faced with the new situation, CPC Xiamen Committee and the municipal government focus great attention on the supporting and service work, devote more financial resources, take innovative measures, and improve comprehensive support and service system, providing high-quality, efficient and convenient support and service and ensuring this year’s CIFIT a safe, smooth and successful one. At present, the organizing committee has started the work of creating favorable atmosphere in a brand new way. The organizing committee is confident in hosting a safe, successful and fruitful CIFIT, ensuring a satisfactory effect for exhibitors, participants, the sponsor and co-sponsors, member units and the friends from the press as well.

II. Grand activity arrangement of the 13th CIFIT
(I) Taiwan-related activities

To implement the spirit of the document the State Council has passed to support the development of the economic zone on the western side of the Taiwan Straits, to support Haixi development strategy and highlight Xiamen’s geographical advantage of neighboring Taiwan, the CIFIT plans and organizes with care a series of activities related to Taiwan, which include:

One. Exhibitions: (1) Continue to hold “the Fifth Straits Tourism exposition”; (2) to set new exhibition areas, i.e. Taiwan Municipal and County Districts Investment Exhibition area and Taiwan District Elaborate Exhibition Area; to expand Taiwan Commodity Exhibition area. Meanwhile, a series of activities will be held on Taiwan Exhibition Day by TaipeiWorldTradeCenter, with the opening of Taiwan Exhibition Day set on 9:25-9:40, Sep. 8. This is the first time at CIFIT that Taiwan Exhibition Day has been held and it is of special meaning.

Two. forums and symposiums: (1)The forum “Expo & Haixi Urban Develop and Cooperation” will be co-held on Sep. 7 for the whole day by Fujian provincial government and Shanghai Expo Operation Commission. The forum is held at the International Conference Hall, 4th floor, Xiamen Conference and ExhibitionCenter, with the participants of 300 to 400. (2) The 4th Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation and Development Forum held by the Ministry of Commerce and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, with the theme of “the system of cross-strait economic cooperation and development”. (3) The forum on “Cross-strait Regional Economic Development “and Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, held by County Economic Development Center of China and China International Youth Exchange Center. (4) “Cross-strait Banking Summit” held by the British Journal The Banker; (5) “Haixi Finance Forum” held by School of Management, Xiamen University.

Three: Matchmaking symposiums: for the first time the Matchmaking Symposium on Investment Projects of Taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprises will be held on the afternoon of Sep. 8 at Hall C, first floor underground, Xiamen Conference and ExhibitionCenter.
Four: Other supporting activities: (1) “the second Cross-strait (Quanzhou) Agricultural Products Purchase and Trade Fair will be held. (2) “2009 Cross-strait folk gathering” held by Siming District, Xiamen. (3) special show “Minnan Legacy” will be held three times to promote Fujian and Xiamen’s geographical advantage, features, and local culture of Minnan region. The show will be held on the evening of Sep. 6, 7 and 9 at Trial Theatre at Xiamen Cultural and ArtsCenter, of which, the one on Sep. 6 exclusively is for the Tourism Exposition and the ones on Sep. 7 and 9 are exclusively for the CIFIT.

(II) New grand activities
One: the Ministry of Commerce will hold several multilateral and bilateral activities. (1) the 16th joint meeting between Chinese and Japanese investment promotion organizations; (2) the 5th negotiation of Free Trade Zone between China and Norway; (3) the second meeting of economic and trade energy-saving working team between China and Sweden; (4) the 22nd session of the economic and trade joint committee between China and Cuba.
Two: the First China International Real Estate Investment and Transaction Fair. The Real Estate Investment Hall is located in the Exhibition Hall 2 F, Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter, with the floor area of 3,700 square meters. There are

Over 600 real estate companies and over 1,500 professionals that will participate, including China’s Real Estate Association, DTZ, Savills, World Union Real Estate, Reed Group (Hong Kong), and other famous real estate institutions.

The land reserve organizations in dozens of cities of China will also participate. Xiamen, Suzhou, Langfang, Hefei and other cities will hold land investment promotion meetings. Meanwhile, the forum “First Finance China Economic Forum—2009 China International Real Estate Investment Summit”, together with other supporting activities such as “Real Estate Projects Matchmaking Symposium”, “Welcome Reception”, “lunch Exchange Reception” will be held.

Three: 2009 China International Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition Hall. The whole set of activities will be held together by the Operating Department of the Organizing Committee and Panxi (Beijing) investment consultative Com, Ltd., which serve as a platform for presenting cultural industry projects, releasing information, promoting investment, exchanging and consulting. The Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition Hall is located in the Exhibition Hall 2 H, Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter, with the floor area of 1,500 square meters. The supporting forum “China International Cultural and Creative Industry Development Forum” will be held and Li wuwei, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and some well-known experts and scholars will give speeches on the forum. “panxi Arts Festival” will be held at the third floor of Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter and about 100 modern paintings will be exhibited and auctioned.

Four: Invest China— enterprises’ financing road show projects and capital matchmaking symposium. The activity is held together by ChinaInternationalInvestmentPromotionCenter and Tianjin (Binhai) International Equity Exchange. About 800 representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises all over the country and leaders of investing and financing institutions will attend the symposium. A series of project promotions and road show projects and matchmaking talks will also be held.

Five: activities on Holland Exhibition Day. This year the exhibition delegation from Holland is much larger, with the total number of delegates reaching 200, 100 of whom are in government and business participating group and 100 of whom are in the Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. There will be Holland Exhibition Day activities, which include the opening ceremony of the Exhibition Day, 3 symposiums and special performance given by Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. The music performance will be held after the Welcome Reception on 20:30-21:30, Sep. 7 at the Concert Hall of Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter, which can hold 750 audience. There will be a trial performance on the evening of Sep. 6 and Xiamen citizens who love music are welcomed to attend the performance.

Six: Hong Kong District Exhibition Day activities, which include exhibition area presentation, the news conference and lunch reception givern by Hong Kong SAR Investment Promotion Department, and Introduction conference of “Hong Kong – Your Platform to Go Global”
Seven: Hong Kong District Exhibition Day activities, which include exhibition area presentation, joint photo-taking of Macao entrepreneur delegation, and the reception Banquet of Macao entrepreneur delegation.

(III) Some other Grand arrangements during the CIFIT
1. The news conference of the 13th CIFIT. In order to release the latest information, the Organizing Committee of the CIFIT will hold a news conference on 10:00-11:00 am, Sep. 6. at the International Conference Room, Hall 1, Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter. All the friends from the press are welcome to participate.
2. Welcome Receptions. Altogether 4 welcome receptions will be held on Sep.7. The main one is from 19:00-20:15 P.M. in the Dining Hall of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, another one is from 18:30-19:30 P.M. in Seaview Hall, the second floor of Xiamen Seaview Resort Hotel, still another one is from 18:30-19:30 P.M. in the Multiple Hall, Xinyue Building, Xiamen Mandarin Hotel, and a last one is from 17:00-20:00 P.M. in YunDing Community Club.
3. The Opening Ceremony of the CIFIT. It is from 9:00-9:30 A.M. Sep. 8, at Hall 1, Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter.

4. 2009 International Investment Forum. It is from 10:00-11:15 A.M. Sep. 8, at the fifth floor, Hall 1, Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionCenter.
5. “Good wish to China”—a large firework evening entertainment performance, which will be held from 20:00-21:20 P.M. Sep. 8 at the west part of BailuzhouPark. It includes firework display and recreational performance and will enhance the cultural attraction of the CIFIT.

All the friends from the press:

From a regional economic and trade activity, CIFIT has developed into a grand international investment promotion fair, attracting great attention from all over the world, which is not possible without the report and publicity by the news circles. Take this opportunity, again, I would like to express our gratitude to you all and wish all the friends from the press will all the way support and publicize CIFIT.

I believe, with the great effort of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Province, Xiamen Municipality and the Organizing Committee of CIFIT, with the great support of participants both from home and abroad as well as the friends from the press, the 13th CIFIT will be held with new features, to a higher level and of new achievements, attracting wider attention and engendering greater influence.

Thank you all.

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