Saturday, September 5, 2009

Find Xiamen on Google

If you search Xiamen on Google , what can you find ?

The top website you find is travelchinaguide , it is really amazing . In my natural feeling it should be , but ... They did a pretty good job in SEO I believe. Then you click Xiamen hotels , you will find our Millennium Xiamen Hotel at the few recommedation list , thumb up!

The Second , yes, wikipedia , without question. And we can find some quick facts for Xiamen there ( emm , never know that before ?):
* One of China’s original four special economic zones
* Since 1981 Xiamen port ranks 8th among the top ports in China and 30th among the world’s top 100 ports
* Xiamen is the world's largest supply base for raw tungsten materials
* Xiamen is the world’s largest sunglasses manufacturing base, exporting 120 million each year
* Xiamen is an important base in Fujian province for making medium and large-sized modern container vessels and yachts

Next , The Xiamen Government website , definitely should be in top three . Today some updates on CIFIT the Xiamen Trade Fair are shown up.

Then this upcoming website you will never forget , it is close connected with Dr. Bill Brown , the author of Amoy Magic , and one of the Xiamen's basic Portals , the Xiamen Guide. For Dr. Bill Brown , we will have more to talk about him later.

What's On Xiamen gives the hottest news in Xiamen daily life , Their editors are so active , you can see them every day in Xiamen's interesting places .

Xiamen University is the only key National University of China in Xiamen , it is also famous for its founder , Mr. Chen Jia Geng( Tan Kah Kee) , a pioneering entrepreneur, a prominent community and political leader in both Singapore and China and a unique promoter of education in modern Chinese history.In recognition of his contributions, he was given a state funeral by the Chinese government upon his death on 12 August 1961.

Yahoo travel has been always attractive , I may have put in my pervious post that Millennium Xiamen hotels' rank has been at the top one of Yahoo travel Xiamen hotels' list few days ago. The compitition goes on.

The next are Xiamen Airport, Xiamen sheraton hotel and Xiamen Vista Xiamen tour introduction site.

Now we come to one of our most important parts , Dr. Bill Brown's amoymagic site . This wise and humourous man offered great contribution to Xiamen , even to China. Not only the book and website Amoy Magic brings lots of foreigner's attention to Xiamen , he also represented Xiamen in the intl ernational Livcom competition. Xiamen won the Gold Medal. [Livcom is the "Oscar for liveable communities" ]. In 1992 he became Fujian Province's 1st foreigner granted Permanent Residence, and in 1993 received the Friendship Award from Premier Li Peng. When asked his impressions of the ancient city of Beijing, he replied, "I loved the Beijing fried duck."

If you have hobby of running , why not take the Xiamen Marathon , ooooooooop , this site can not be open , not my fault . But how come it can be on the top list of Xiamen search?

one hundren years ago in Gulangyu Island, the American Consulate was a paradise for those American officials , such a beautiful place to stay. Now the American in Xiamen site expersses the natural and unforgattable love from Americans .

Xiamen wave is something that fits the spirit of Xiamen , relax, natural, freedom , easygoing ... Xiamen is designed for everyone , Xiamen wave is designing part of it , art , life , love.

Xiamen Stone Fair , one of the most biggest stone fairs in the world , for me is the annual hot days that attracts the most successful businessman in stone business.

Let us come to the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen 's official site for an end . Xiamen changes everyday , and if you want to know Xiamen , my search post gives you the most update idea. Cheers!

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