Wednesday, May 6, 2009's funny story...

Twitter is a great stuff , I was tweeted with a funny story in , About One owner’s unique response when asked to describe his hotel’s 24 hour reception:

Great, but is there someone BEHIND it?

In order to be listed as a hotel on TripAdvisor (as opposed to a B&B, inn, etc.), a property has to have overnight staff. This wasn't clear about a certain place, so we asked the owner to send us details about their 24-hour reception. This is his answer:
"It is a reception desk, made of wood. It is partly teak with some coconut wood. On it there is a calender, a map of ------ and some brochures about tours in the local area, there is also a guest register and menus for the restaurant. Weve added a few plants and dried flowers to soften the appearance, and there are 2 blackboards where we write the special dishes of the day in both ------ and English. Today weve purchased fresh seafood off the local fisherman and are doing fried squid with chilli and basil leaves..its quite popular, kind of spicy but thats ------- food for you. On the top of the reception desk there is a sign saying 'welcome to ---------- Resort', its dark blue with cream writing.I dont think ive missed anything there."

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