Saturday, April 25, 2009

Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra invites Zhang Guoyong of Shanghai Opera House

Xiamen has music , Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra makes it!

Zhang Guoyong ,the President and Artistic Director of Shanghai Opera House was giving Xiamen audience a splendid feast last night on 24Apr,2009.

Glinka:Overture to opera“Russlan and Ludmilla”
Tchaikovsky:Violin Concerto
Rachmaninov:Symphony No.2

There shouldn't be any complaint , all the best has been arranged . The first two are so well known to the public , can't be farmiliar any more. Tao le, the leading Violinist was giving all the way to spread out his passion , touching everyone in the concert.

I feel Zhang Guoyong's favorate is Rachmaninov:Symphony No.2 at the night , as you can smell that he put his heart and soul to express the notes into the air . Three curtain calls were taken at the end , he was moved too.

Xiamen was a music city in history , and now Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra is making her way to create a new story , Zheng Xiaoying , with Fu Renchang are the key .

Here I would like to pay my regards to Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra , from those Xiamen Philharmonic .

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