Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Xiamen Search Marketing Expo (Xiamen SMX)- China @ Timev

Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen also finds itself in the net , google adwords, keywords and etc are now everyday hot topics.

SEO is a hot word recently for business world , web is not a stranger any more . Web searching is one part of human's life. Google makes the definition of web quality and all industry goes crazy for PR value , google/yahoo listing......

The Search Marketing Expo (Xiamen SMX)China is the most popular and important convention on SEO line in China . Since 2004 Inway Ni and his team TimeV made lots of happenings to push search engine concept spreading out in China . If you really have a chance to be in Xiamen in April , don't miss that!

Very insteresting,after I finishing this blog , I made a google search for keywords Xiamen Search Marketing expo , this page is listed on the second searching page . Mind you , this web page has no PR value , really magic !

Search Marketing Expo (SMX) – China @ Timev
Xiamen, China: April 9-10, 2009

Search Marketing Expo - China @ Timev is certain to be to the "must-attend" interactive and search engine marketing event of the year in Asia, delivering superior value to conference delegates and exhibit hall attendees alike.
SMX China has bilingual sessions designed just for you, whether you're just starting in search marketing or you're a seasoned expert, whether you’re just thinking in moving you business into China or you’re already in China. Your All Access registration pass gets you in to the more than 20 search marketing sessions on the agenda.
New to search? Participate in the SMX Boot Camp which covers all the bases of search marketing success: copywriting, web analyze tool, keyword research tool, paid search fundamentals and search engine friendly web design. After the Boot Camp, you'll have one and a half days to dive deep on your areas of interest before SMX China unwinds.

Got some experience? Learn the latest techniques for achieving superior results in both paid and organic search marketing. There are more than 8 sessions designed just for your skill level.

An expert? Heard of Search 3.0? Search 4.0? SMX China has entire days dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve with the inside scoop on future developments that only the editors of Search Engine Land can deliver, topics like the personalized search revolution, the social graph, and searcher behavior.
China? How to deal with Chinese search engines? SMX China has integrate the china issue into each sessions, including both SEO and SEM topics. You will most practical and real-time china search marketing know-how.
resource from http://event.timev.com/en/sem/xiamen/

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Angie's Recipes said...

Xiamen gets more and more recognition and attention from home and abroad, as it is filled with so many important planned conferences and activities, one after the other.
Search Engine Optimization .....thought it is not a new topic anymore. Funny you are actually one of very few colleagues I know who I actually get reconnected through internet. I sometimes tried either google or facebook, in the hope of finding some of my old classmates, but in vain.
And I want to thank you for taking the time to leaving me the kind and encouraging message.

Magic Millennium 魅力海景 said...

Well ,changing happens all the time. You may see more magic.

And you may connect me through facebook and twitter ...

Angie's Recipes said...

Do you use DOFOLLOW in your blog?
When comment, do you use Name/Url or your blog profile?
Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, MyBlogLog, Youtube....technology rules and rocks....but how many could we really keep up with? I have forgotten how many communities I have joined...hmm.. not easy to keep pace with.

Magic Millennium 魅力海景 said...

Well , yes . Recently I connect my email address to comments , see if it works. You might need to use mobile connections if you twittering . But it depends , it will cost you time. Anyway , if there is a reply , that means I care.