Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leading people in financially difficult times - speach from Dr. Sam Harrell

'Never Underestimate the people's willingness to help if positively led'

Dr. Sam Harrell said 5 times in today's lecture . I had this honor to attend his lecture today as he happened to stay in our hotel ,Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen , and invited me to come and listen to him.

Dr. Sam Harrell, a U.S Presidential economic advisory member, a leading specialist in semiconductor and international trade
, served as senior vice president of strategic business development for KLA Tencor from 1995 to 2002, when he retired from the semiconductor industry. He was one of the founders of SEMATECH and served as its senior vice president and chief strategy officer. From September 1987 to October 1992, Harrell was president of SEMI-SEMATECH, the consortium of equipment and materials suppliers.

Before listening to his speach , I would never imagine he will give us such unusual thinking. He broke down the difficult times into 4 symbols , bricks , books , human in presure and ladders.

He compared the present Financial crisis to 1929-1941 world economy depression, when one fourth of US familes in starvation, and millions of pwople unemployeed for years. He took out one piece of brick and share the story of his hometown. To make all the unemployeed people alive , the governor took his leadership ask all the people to involve themselves into brick and related work to get enough food and support. This is the first time he is expressing his 'people's willingness to help others if positively led'

Then he took out a book , told us that his wife and friends made great effort to collect one truck of books form neiboughhood to tranpsort a poor Mexican village to help the young generations , even 1 out of 100 young people is benefiting from this action , he is willing to do it . Education is the way to save the poor people , he claimed.

Human in pressure is really hard, he shared his ideas how to deal with difficult times within a company and the most inmportant point is , he stressed, to help the customer out of difficulties , otherwise you will not survive eventually.

The ladders, I was curious how is ladders doing here.
Here Dr. Harrell just wanted us to know to choose the right ladder for your life , success is not enough in life , significance is more important . The value of life is , he emphased again and agian that 'the people's willingness to help if positively led'. Maybe he is one to pratice the value to help other in the right way that makes a truly great mark in this society.

Thank you , Sam , I know yeaterday was your birthday , I want to say it again:

Happy birthday!

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