Monday, February 9, 2009

Fujian Tulou , the world heritage listed by UNESCO

West of Xiamen , about 200 kilometers , there is a place now is drawing the world's highest attention , that is Fujian Tulou, the earthen round building . 7July , 2008 ,UNESCO listed her as world Heritage .

From 700 years ago , a group of Chinese resided in Yong Ding, Nanjing area build themselves round buildings , in UNESCO wording 'The large, technically sophisticated and dramatic earthen defensive buildings' defined its uniqueness , historical value and cultual Value.

A physical tour was made few days ago and here I want to share with you:

Here is what we call , four dishes and one soup , back to nineteen sixties, when US army used saterllite to picture some round shapes in South-east China , the FBI immediately suspected China had a massive missile base, and the whole US military head office was shocked . This was first time the west encountered with the Tulou! Might be reliable !

Such a beauty in front of you !

One corner of it , breathtaking

Inside the Building

Building inside the building

the shadow magic

One day tour probably is not enough , Yong ding and Nanjing show differences . The local dishes are recommendable as its non-poluted vagetables are so delicious , and many more to see .

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