Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's inaugural speech , he is the man!

For how long we have not heard such a good speech? Yes, I did not sleep till 3:00am the inauguration night ( China Time). He is some one , a statesmen , somehow beyond politics , I trust , he can push the world. If the Olymplic opening ceremony is biggest hit in 2008 , then the Obama's Inauguration is the one in 2009 .

What I like him in the speech and oath , the points are :

His mind of mercy to all mankind ,all kinds, I can feel . Even his enemy , I feel he is still as kind as possible .
His calmness , even in the oath , the mistake was laughed about in such a simple way . Great self-confidence!
The world is changing , as the leader of the strongest country in the world , he knows he is the change .

There are more to say , but put it simple , to me Obama's speech is one of most wonderful speeches in modern history!

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