Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Evening , Xiamen , Good Evening , Xiamen Millennium Hotel!

Night is always fascinating in Xiamen , I took a fun tour by BRT , the Bus rapid transit. To my great surprise , I was at the station of BRT and looked out and found our Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen just standing there like a blue diamond .

And when I walked down to the ferry, this place is really a symbol of Xiamen , it is the origin and root of Xiamen . Take a look to the other side , yes, the Gulangyu Island , YOU will find the magic of Xiamen at night.

The very old harbour of Xiamen , like a piece of antique , a piece of treasure , live museum of Xiamen history .

All the above offered me a great evening , to stay in Xiamen is a bliss, all these magics are around you by walk . Of course I would not forget my work , all these are pictured and show you lively!

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