Monday, November 24, 2008

Second touch on Master class of conductor concert in Xiamen

Have the second chance to listen to the master class of conductor's concert on 22nd Nov, filled with Beethoven's passion , and I want to say , thank you Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, thank you , Zheng Xiao Ying.

From now on, I feel to have more time spending on concert , totally different from any stereo system in your home . Xiamen Philharmonic is the first class in China , even invited in some important occasions in the world . And the soul of Xiamen Philharmonic is Zheng Xiao Ying , she is just glamorous and admirable . A great orchestra derived from a great conductor , I strongly believe.

As Zheng Xiao Ying's saying, this first China Master Class opened in Xiamen is mainly because of her partner ,conductor Fu Ren Chang , the vice Director of Xiamen Philharmonic. He has good relations with great conductor teachers in the world and since April 2005 he was appointed as principal conductor by 'das sinfonie orchester berlin'. He is one of those musicians who can conduct in the famous Philharmonie Hall Berlin. I met him for the first time in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen when Prof. Panula stayed in Millennium Xiamen, he was such a man of scholars ,homour and passion for music.

The master class concert is over, but the passion has just begun ...

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