Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dutch art exhibition in CEAC Xiamen University

friday, 28 Nov ,2008

An invitation made it possible for me to see two exhibitions from dutch artists in CEAC , Xiamen University.

one is ‘Sweet and Sour', painting exhibition from Jaring Lokhorst and Chantal Spit . They use diffferent material and display style to express the world , I was really freezed at the first sight , look at the pictures...

I met them at the exhibition and asked them for their signature , it is out of my expectation, they wrote on card against the back of each other for me. you can see the interesting pictures here and with their signature . I was almost in a sudden asking them for a cup of coffee to our hotel( Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen) any time , they were surprised and very happy. So far I am still waiting for their coming.

The other one is phtopgraphy exhibition called 'Het Lente-eiland'---'the spring island', which directly means gulangyu island. I love photograph very much , and those pictures gave me lots of inspiration . I did not have a chance to see the artist Marco van Duyvendijk, but I am for sure to invite him to Millennium Xiamen Hotel for a cup of coffee if I see him... I like the colour he perceived , and I was also taking some pictures at the spot as the CEAC environment attracted me to . I will show in the next post , not to compare with the master level.
CEAC is Chinese Eurapean Art Center. Ineke is the Director, since 1999, she has been working on the center in Xiamen , making a lot of effort to bring Eurapean art to Xiamen , a great ambassador , I can say.

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